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Raw Materials Sourcing

It’s alright in Los Angeles!

Los Angeles has a textile and apparel manufacturing heritage that dates from decades. 

This city has been an idea incubator for young designers and entrepreneurs, to big name brands and retailers.

Los Angeles became a supply chain oriented region capable to service any size brand for any product category.

Regardless of the size or scope of your project, The Common Link will help you finding the right materials for your product.

Tech.  Design

No patterns?, no problem!

We have the technology and the know-how to help you developing  product from scratch, from a sketch, a sample or an idea.

- Sketching

- e-Pattern and Grading

- Graded Specs 

- Garment construction details

- Production ready Tech Packs

- Fit development

   - Live Model fit session or form

- Wash Development

- Prototyping

Clothes Hanging on a Rack
Fashion Design Models

Any Product Category

Our manufacturing network can make pretty much anything


- Denim Tops and Bottoms


- Non-Denim Wovens


- Knit Tops 


- Lounge wear


- Sportswear


- Outerwear


- Swim and Gymnastics


- Leather goods

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