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Our Network

Well find the right fit for you!

The Common Link has a network of manufacturing partners capable of tailoring the right solution to your needs.

Our expertise in product development combined with the competency of our sourcing partners will put you in control to develop market-right product and ensure a timely, competitive and effortless delivery, regardless of where it’s produced, with the quality seal of The Common Link. 

From launch and factory set-up through order delivery, our client services team will be there to ensure excellence in execution at every step of the process.



Made in the U.S.A.

Los Angeles has been the birthing place for many brands that once started as an entrepreneurship.


No place is more capable to turn big ideas into meaningful realities when it comes to fashion apparel.

Our studio is located at the heart of the arts district in Los Angeles, from where we control 100% of our development process at the same time that we bond a supply chain that would be very fractured otherwise. 


The Common Link offers an effortless full package solution to its customers, eliminating their need to run through town from factory to factory, so they can focus on building the future while we manage their present needs.

Image by Maksym Kaharlytskyi

Grow your Business with Confidence

Multi-Region Manufacturing Platform

If making your products in the USA is no longer attractive for your business as volumes grow and margins are more challenging, we got you covered as well.


The art of balancing scale and price, while maintaining an outstanding service level is what gives the strength to our value proposition by offering:


- Multi-Region sourcing approach

- Limitless product capacities and capabilities

- Effortless delivery process .  .

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